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Radiotherapy for prostate cancer can have side effects that change your sex life.

Select from the following to find out if they are changes you might get after radiotherapy.

Yes - you might have pain in your penis and the surrounding areas when you orgasm. You might find that the tube you urinate and ejaculate through (urethra) is inflamed. This can make ejaculation painful but the pain should improve over time.

Yes, it’s possible that you might not last as long during sex and reach orgasm more quickly after radiotherapy.

No – you shouldn’t leak a small amount of urine when you orgasm.

It’s possible that you might have retrograde ejaculation. This is when the semen doesn’t come out straight away after you orgasm, but is passed out when you urinate. It isn’t harmful and shouldn’t stop you enjoying sex.

It’s likely that it will feel different when you orgasm. You may find it uncomfortable when you ejaculate and you might produce less semen during and after treatment. But you can still orgasm. There may also be a bit of blood in your semen, but this is not usually anything to worry about.